April 6th my 24th birthday - Poor David had to endure hearing me being asked several times- "So did you get a ring?"

April 7th - was a gorgeous Sunday! After an earlier call to talk me out of church, David showed up at my apartment all excited to go to the mountains. In true Emily fashion I talked him out of driving so far when we both had to go to work the next day.

David suggested that we go to Crowders Mountain instead. Every time we drive down I-85 we used to always say - we need to go there sometime. I agreed and grabbed my hat and camera. David asked at least 6 times if I had my camera.
When we got to Crowders Mountain we went to the visitor's center and I suggested that we go to the lake and walk around - instead of the strenuous 2.5 mile hike that David for some reason wanted to take to the top of the mountain.

As we walked around the lake, I was being a huge dork and taking pictures of lizards and turtles and getting excited at the chance to see a little beaver family. David was lagging behind me - I thought this was one of two reasons. Either it was because the "easy" .8-mile loop around the lake was disappointing to him or because he was embarrassed that I was so excited about lizards. Either way I could not understand his lack of enthusiasm and silence.

As we approached the bottom of the loop we decided to sit on the dam. I apologized for not taking the big hike with him and he said it was no big deal. We sat there for almost 15 minutes looking at people walking on the trail below and just enjoying the day. With David still saying little to nothing. A very lazy day - I still saw nothing coming...

Finally David said, "I got you something." I looked over and picked up some grass threw it at him and said, "What a piece of grass?" He laughed as he said, "Yeah a piece of grass." And held out my ring. I immediately said, "That's not grass" and started to cry. David laughed, and said, "No, its not. Will you marry me?"

I, of course said yes, and have been looking at my ring ever since.

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